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Company Profile

Femto-Blanc Inc., a world leader in ultrafast laser technology is spearheaded by leading experts in the design and production of picosecond and femtosecond lasers. By incorporating its extensive patent portfolio along with the cutting edge technological advances of recent years, the FemtoBlanc team has designed and produced systems with many advantages over the first generation of ultrafast lasers presently used in industry. These second-generation lasers are considerably more compact, stable, robust and lower in cost, while still producing high energy output, fast repetition rates and excellent beam quality.

The mission of Femto-Blanc Inc is to continue to design, develop and produce new generation of ultrafast lasers, operating in femtosecond and picosecond pulse duration range.

In addition to the standard products, the Femto-Blanc team offers design and production of custom lasers, addressing your specific needs, e.g., power, pulse duration, pulse repetition, size, price, and other demands, which will enable you to penetrate new applications, hitherto unaddressed due to economics, complex maintenance, insufficient reliability, etc.

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