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Introducing the Femtoblanc FWM-2 femtosecond regenerative amplifier.  The FWM-2 was designed specifically with the OEM medical and industrial markets in mind.  With the smallest form factor in the industry, the FWM-2’s footprint measures in at just under 1.7 square feet.  For space critical applications, the FWM-2 can be mounted vertically reducing the footprint to well under a square foot with no degradation in performance.

The FWM-2  is designed for the lowest cost-of-ownership industry wide.  The FWM-2 is optimized for a low cost of goods while simultaneously maintaining high reliability profile; moreover, the serviceable parts are designed to be easily accessed and replaced via an exhaustive set of FRU’s (field replaceable units) available from Femtoblanc, thus eliminating the need to stock spare lasers.

While being the smallest and most affordable femtosecond regenerative amplifier in the industry, FWM-2 does not sacrifice performance.  With a tunable repetition rate from single shot up to one megahertz, and power levels of up to 10 Watts (high power option), the performance of the FWM-2 is second to none.

Introducing the Femtoblanc FWM-1 femtosecond oscillator.  The FWM-1 was designed to provide greater pulse energies than traditional femtosecond oscillators while still maintaining a low cost of materials consistent with Femtoblanc’s engineering philosophy. With pulse energies of up to 10 nanojoules, the FWM-1 packs quite a punch while not sacrificing in cost or reliability thanks to our smart cavity design.

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